Big Game Backcountry Guides (BGBG) is owned and operated by Riley and Stephanie Pitts. Both are outdoor enthusiasts! Riley is an actively working pilot/outfitter and hunter. He has hunted across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska guiding hunters, climbers, whitewater and eco-tourists expedition-style trips. Stephanie is an educator and taught her way west across the US and then North to rural western Alaska. The two met in The Last Frontier in 2004 and have been on a journey chasing their dreams ever since. Currently they reside 2/3 of the year in Southern Oregon and a 1/3 of the year in Alaska with their main focus as guiding and educating their 4 amazing daughters to be the best each of them can be while relying heavily on the strength, guidance and blessings of Jesus Christ their Lord.

Our Mission is to create a team of highly qualified professionals whom are skilled in the art of backpack hunting in search of trophy animals in some of the most remote areas of the world. Big Game Backcountry Guides is focused on running a first class guiding operation and being a leader in the industry. Our focus is on safely maximizing your experience of the wilderness.

We utilize high quality gear and build a positive environment by using world class guides. BGBG surrounds its organization with honest, hard working, driven, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals that bring leadership and expertise, along with love for the backcountry wilderness to the milieu.

Big Game Backcountry Guides specialize in harvesting large mature dall sheep, barren ground caribou and arctic grizzly bears while focusing on conservation and the prosperity of God’s creatures. We uphold the highest standards of hunting ethics, respecting the land and animals, while operating safe fair-chase hunts.

Our Goals Are

To run a safe operation

To obey all State and Federal laws

To build an outfit that attracts exceptional hunters

To provide a service to hunters that is a great & memorable experience

To have 100% success on harvests

To have a high success rate of rams 10+ years old

To teach backpacking and mountaineering skills

To teach mountain safety

To create lifelong friendships through life changing experiences