Books for Inspiration, Knowledge, and the Trophy Room

  • Sheep Hunting in Alaska
    by Tony Russ
  • Sheep Stalking Alaska
    by Tony Russ
  • Sheep and Sheep Hunting
    by Jack O’Conner
  • Wager with the Wind
    Don Sheldon by James Greiner
  • Last Brown Bear Men
    by Marvin H. Clark
  • The Quest
    Jack Wilson by Tony Russ
  • Wings Over Wilderness
    by Charles M. Thomas
  • Shadows on the Koyukuk
    by Sidney Huntington
  • Land Gone Lonesome
    by Dan O’Neill
  • One Mans Wilderness
    by Sam Keith
  • Coming into Country
    by John McPhee
  • Great Rams & Great Ram Hunters I & II
    by Robert Anderson
  • Trophy Rams of the Brooks Range
    by Duncan Gilchrist
  • Alaska Wolf Man
    by Jim Reardon
  • Alaska Wilderness
    by Bob Marshall and Rick Bass
  • Arctic Village
    by Bob Marshall
  • Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage
    by Alfred Lansing
  • The Last Great Wilderness
    by Roger Kaye
  • Rampages
    by Lew Bradley
  • Alaskan-Yukon Trophies Won and Lost
    by G.O. Young

Riley’s Favorites

  • Alaska Wolf Man
    by Jim Reardon
  • Horns in the High Country
    by Andy Russell

We recommend bringing one paperback book to read while waiting on weather and planes.