Book Flights with Alaska Airlines into Prudhoe Bay (SCC-Deadhorse) AK. If possible book to arrive on the morning flight on the way in and the evening flight on the way out. With morning fog common in Deadhorse this allows the max opportunity for Shublik Outfitters to get you in and out of Shublik Lodge.

Deadhorse is a working outpost and is not incorporated as a city, town, or village. It is located within the North Slope Borough which is dry (no alcohol allowed). You are above the Arctic Circle at this point and close to the arctic ocean which lends to foggy conditions often, be prepared to overnight in Deadhorse. We will do our best to get you into Shublik Lodge, Point of Outfitting, as soon as it is possible. The lodge is 100 air miles to the SE of Deadhorse.

In Deadhorse, if stuck due to weather, there is lodging available and runs around $200 a night. We do not recommend booking ahead if you need to stay a night or two, there has always been availability.

The Aurora Hotel

Deadhorse Camp

In most cases, there will be a BGBG pickup by the airport for use. If the pick-up is unavailable the hotel will often shuttle. Both Hotels have food available and there is cell phone service in Deadhorse.

BGBG will initiate an InReach thread to your cell phone on or around your travel date. You can respond to this thread for communication with us at Shublik Lodge.

We have storage for gun cases organized in Deadhorse. Street clothes, bags and non-hunting gear will be stored at Shublik while you are on your hunt.

Please remit $2,500.00 payable to Shublik Outfitters; for meat processing, transportation of yourself, gear & trophies to and from Shublik Lodge and for trophy preparation.

Shublik Outfitters
43581 Drive 818
Anselmo, NE 68813

We encourage you to bring your meat home with you and require you to bring your own dry bag(s) in which to carry meat home in. Shublik Outfitters will process game meat at basecamp. Processing will include de-boning, select cuts, ground burger which is all vacuum sealed and frozen. If you decide not to travel home with your meat we require you to transfer possession to Big Game Backcountry Guides.

*Airlines charge extra bag fees and over weight fees- please be prepared and plan accordingly.

Average processed weight
70-90 lbs

Average processed weight
45-75 lbs

Antlers/horns, capes and skulls will be field fleshed and salted at Shublik Lodge. A portion of the transportation cost covers our transport of trophies to Broken Tail Taxidermy in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Broken Tail Taxidermy, owned and operated by Eric Wald, will represent and transport trophies to AK Fish and Game office for the sealing process and turn in submit all required legal paperwork (Harvest Reports, Transfer of Possession Forms, and Temporary Sealing Forms).

Broken Tail Taxidermy
Eric Wald