Reading Material

052_52Suggested Reading Materials and Books for the Trophy Room…

  • “Sheep Hunting in Alaska” by Tony Russ
  • “Sheep Stalking Alaska” by Tony Russ
  • “Sheep and Sheep Hunting” by Jack O’Conner
  • “Wager with the Wind” Don Sheldon by James Greiner
  • “Last Brown Bear Men” by Marvin H. Clark
  • “The Quest” Jack Wilson by Tony Russ
  • “Wings Over Wilderness” by Charles M. Thomas
  • “Shadows on the Koyokuk” by Sidney Huntington
  • “Land Gone Lonesome” by Dan Oniell
  • “One Mans Wilderness” by Sam Keith
  • “Coming into Country” by John McPhee
  • “Great Rams & Great Ram Hunters I & II” by Robert Anderson.
  • “Trophy Rams of the Brooks Range” by Duncan Gilchrist.
  • “Alaska Wolf Man” by Jim Reardon
  • “Alaska Wilderness” by Bob Marshall and Rick Bass
  • “Arctic Village” by Bob Marshall

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