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Riley Pitts Registered Guide# 1281/Outfitter

Riley Pitts is the owner, outfitter and operator of Big Game Backcountry Guides. Born and raised in Butte Falls, Oregon, he grew up archery hunting in the Pacific Northwest. He has been a working guide since high school and went to Alaska directly after graduation to pursue remote wilderness, hunting Dall Sheep in ANWR and Brown Bears on the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula and Unimak Island. Riley guided on the harvest of a ram that tied for the oldest ram taken in the state of AK aged by Fish and Game at 15 1/2 years old and also on many book brown bear out of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. He has spent time living around the state, mostly in guide camps, working for many different outfitters. Riley has his Private Pilot License and a long history of guiding mountaineering, skiing, whitewater and ecotourists in all parts of Alaska. He continues to guide for Dall sheep, Barren Ground Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, Columbia Blacktail Deer, Roosevelt Elk and Rocky Mountain Elk. Riley has four beautiful daughters: Naomi, Brook, Cascade and Myla and an amazing wife, Stephanie, which he considers to by his greatest achievements.

Stephanie Pitts Biologist/Hunter/Business Manager/Emergency Contact

Stephanie Pitts has a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She spent several years traveling around rural Alaska in the field of education. Prior to her time in Alaska, she worked with adjudicated youth backpacking in Montana. Most recently Stephanie has been a mom to four beautiful daughters and business manager of BGBG.

D. Deoudes Pilot/Registered Guide

D. Deoudes moved to Alaska while serving as a Paratrooper in the U.S. Army in 1983. He obtained his guide license in December of 1989 and ended his service in the Army after more than 10 years and 3 overseas tours of Doing Good things to Bad people! Growing up reading Jack O’Connor, he dreamed of hunting the mountains and sheep. Taking his first Dall Ram in 1984, and later taking 6 more rams with a Rifle, 1 with a Handgun and 2 with a Bow, he then decided to guide sheep hunters. After 24 years and more than 68 successful sheep hunters, he realized this was a young-mans game and he was no longer a young man so he decided to focus more on flying. His other passion is hunting brown or grizzly bear, especially with a bow. This spring will be his 24th year hunting & flying the Alaska Peninsula. He has worked more than 10 years in the southern Wrangell Mountains. Safety, success and logistical support are the most important things to D. A well maintained aircraft flown by a current and capable pilot with the best equipment available makes or breaks the trip. D will do nothing but his best to help you safely and successfully complete your Alaskan Adventure.

Peter Mayall Professional Hunter/Guide

Peter Mayall is 48 years old and has hunted around the world. He first hunted Alaska in 1993 and acquired his guide license. He grew up hunting in Australia and living amongst a family owned multi-generational tanning company. He guides in the Northern Territory of Australia for Water Buffalo and Bangteng and in Southern Australia for all the Deer species, for over 25 years. He continues to guide in the Alaska Peninsula and is a pleasure to be with in any hunting camp. He has twice won the SCI Australian award for Best Trophy Taken by a guided hunter. He has guided several SCI presidents, two Diana Award winners and appeared on TV with Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures. Peter is proud to spend a great deal of time taking out young children and teenagers on their first BIG GAME animal. He is well rounded and highly experienced having hunted in the USA, New Zealand (over 20 times), New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Mongolia, Central African Republic, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabawe.

Peter Anthony Professional Hunter/Guide/Taxidermist

Peter Anthony is from Australia where he is an achieved taxidermist, hunter and guide. He guides all of the deer species and waterbuffalo in Australia. Peter guides brown bear for Mountain Monarchs in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge of Alaska. He thoroughly enjoys hunting big bears. Peter is an ultimate observer and speeks solid. His wilderness skills are exceptional. He will join us in the arctic, guiding Grizzly and Caribou in which he is passionate about.

James Smith Professional Guide

James’ first taste of Alaska was in 2003 on a moose hunt with his father and this is where he got the AK bug. The following year he moved to Alaska where he received his degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Geography. He has been hunting the state since he was 18 and has been very fortunate to have worked for some of the best outfitters in the state. With his work ethic, knowledge of trophy judgment, picture taking skills, positive attitude and willingness to go the distance to get you your trophy, we feel that James is a true asset to the team Big Game Backcountry Guides.

Jimmy Owens Professional Guide

Jimmy Owens is an Alaskan professional guide from Casper, WY. Jimmy has a degree in Business/Ag. Jimmy grew up hunting at a young age working on the family ranch and he brings good enthusiasm and a wide variety of mountain skills to your hunt. He is passionate about backpacking the Brooks for large rams. He is definitely a hardcore hunter and has been on many large ram harvests and record book brown bears.

Ethan Johnson Professional Guide

Ethan Johnson is 23 years old from Nebraska. He is a freelance cameraman and professional guide. He has worked for Sub7 TV for 4 years in the filming industry. He spends his off season on the family ranch; “Lonesome River Ranch”. Ethan grew up in the ranching life style but enjoyed chasing adrenalin sports. He is a two time National Sport Clay Champion. Ethan is well traveled and hunted all over the country packing rifle, bow or a camera.

Randy Edgerton Professional Guide

Born and raised in the heart of Wyoming. Randy is a husband as well as a father of two young Cowboys. Randy spends half of his year using his petroleum engineering degree as the other half under the stars while hunting. Pursuing animals runs 365 for this guy. Watching clients for fill there dreams in the outdoors is what trips his tiger. He comes from a long history of hunting sheep in some ruff country.

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